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Brianne Borden

About Brianne

Brianne is currently a Doctoral student at Arizona State University pursuing her Doctorate of Musical Arts in Trumpet Performance, where she served as Teaching Assistant from 2016-2018. Enthusiastic about management and leadership, she acts as Personnel Director to the Phoenix Brass Collective, in addition to being a founding member in the trumpet section. Alma maters include the University of Colorado - Boulder where Brianne received her Masters Degree in Trumpet Performance and taught as a TA as well as performed with the Graduate Brass Quintet, and SUNY Potsdam where she received a Bachelors Degree in Trumpet Performance. Principal trumpet teachers include David Hickman, Dr. John Ellis, Terry Sawchuk, and Justin Bartels. Throughout the years, she has competed in the National Trumpet Competition as both a soloist and an ensemble member. Brianne is also an avid freelancer and private studio teacher within the Phoenix valley, specializing in musical theater and chamber brass music. She currently teaches a studio of 15 students of varying ages, levels, and instruments.

As an ERYT and YACEP certified yoga instructor, Brianne has been teaching yoga for six years and actively leads teacher trainings in formats ranging from power, to yin, to yoga sculpt. She has held the position as Programming Manager through CorePower Yoga Phoenix, where she also leads trainings and teaches weekly classes.

Brianne has combined her two passions as a researcher and clinician in the field of wellness for musicians. She has published multiple articles and developed workshops on ways to incorporate yoga into a musician’s lifestyle in order to counteract repetitive motion injuries, battle performance anxiety, and live a healthier life. She is an active clinician and performer, having presented at numerous universities and conferences around the country, including the International Trumpet Guild Conference and the International Women’s Brass Conference in 2019. She is excited to be co-instructing a weekly workshop on Movement for Musicians in the Spring 2020 semester at Arizona State University.​

My Yoga Story

Yoga first came into my life at a young age when my mom started taking me to yoga classes regularly (spanning from Iyengar, to restorative, to Anusara). While I enjoyed this time with my awesome mom, my pre-teen brain didn’t quite process all of the benefits that I was receiving through the practice. I continued to practice with her through high school, but stopped when I began college because I was simply “just too busy” (sound familiar?). As a highly competitive person with an inclination towards perfection, I began practicing and playing my trumpet many hours of the day without much thought as to how I was playing. This ineffective use of my time and body led to tendonitis in my shoulders and lateral epicondylitis in my forearms, while my perfectionism and competitive spirit led me down the hole of performance anxiety and self-doubt.

Fortunately, I started seeing a physical therapist for my injuries who encouraged me to attend yoga. While I went to school in a small town with not a single yoga studio, Potsdam was lucky to have one Kundalini yoga instructor (whose class was attended frequently by one of my most influential mentors/professors) and an amazing counseling center that offered free yoga and meditation. My mentor and I started going to yoga together, and I finally started to see the incredible benefits yoga had to offer me. I realized if I was getting something out of this, so many other musicians could benefit as well. As I explored moving towards my master’s degree, I committed to participating in a 200 hour certification wherever I ended up, and I did just that! I moved to Boulder, CO and signed up for a yoga teacher training immediately. Nurtured by the yoga community I found and the Musician’s Wellness program at Colorado University, my passion for yoga continued to grow. A few years later, I am now teaching regularly and hope that what I have learned over the years can help you, too. I look forward to continuing to learn and share as I complete my doctorate degree and write my dissertation on Yoga for Musicians, a topic I care about deeply.

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